Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Loud Tinctures

Okay. I'll admit it. My ultimate goal with all these tinctures is to create a perfume made entirely of tinctures.

So what was I thinking when I tinctured valerian root? Or cheese? Cumin seeds? Henna?

They're all loud, pushy, obnoxious little tinctures, each one knocking the other off the shelf.

Valerian tincture is rank. Like my ex-brother-in-law's feet. The same feet he had to soak in bleach before bedtime to save the sheets from decaying. In fact, the valerian tincture is so stinky, so vile, so -- blech! that I will have to dilute the tincture. A lot.

The cheese tinctures, well, they are what they are. Rotted rinds of aged goat cheese swimming happily in organic grape alcohol. Smells of sweaty bellybutton lint and toe jam.

Cumin tincture is a strange combination of enchiladas and b.o. Not so bad when considering the funk of the other two tinctures.

Henna tincture is my favorite of the 'fouls'. Like cut grass and digested hay -- cow patties, to be precise. Nasty but almost blissfully good. Earthy and full of deadly stench.

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