Monday, March 05, 2007


Vegan, too. No animal products, by-products, leavings, droppings, scrapings, heavings or washes.

Oh, you want to know how it smells.

Well, it smells dead sexy, baby! It smells . . . lik'a man, yeeaaahhh. It's firey, smokey, earthy ~ has a pencil-shavings timbre to it that reminds me of my 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Stevens. Ever try studying the core of the sun while you're drooling over something a thousand times hotter?

Leave it up to your man to provide the animal funk.

Pan ~ lust in a bottle.

Opus Oils


  1. Can't help but wonder what "you know who" have to say about that lines name?? Hear the shriek of madness rise from the shores of Miami.

    Who came first - the hen or the egg? LOL

  2. This Pan has been alive and kickin' for a few years now :)

  3. Are you sure it's the same Pan? I have a sample from a few years ago, and I also had a great, long chat on the phone with Kedra about a year ago. Could swear there's some sweet-smelling synth in there. Maybe it's the fir balsam? I have a 10ml bottle, and it is yummy. We traded Pans and enjoyed the differences. Kedra may have reformulated it, since she's been teaching a lot of natural perfumery classes recently. And to think she's self-taught, never went to "school" and is so talented. Some just have the nose and the knack! I love her Island Girl collection.

  4. Pretty certain what I have is 100% ~ I don't get the sweet scent at all. I have the body oil, which, I'm sure, is much more diluted than the perfume. Her Island Girl collection rocks.

  5. I think she must have reformulated it, then, if it's not sweet. Even the label is dramatically different. So now I'll have to get the girl to send me some new Pan, so we can compare out goaty homages.

  6. The owner of Blunda, Los Angeles confirmed that Kedra has reformulated a lot of her perfumes, so I think my hunch was right. Blunda is where Kedra teachs NP on a regular basis.



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