Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Natural Perfume Give-Away

I have in my possession three gorgeous natural eau de parfums from Opus Oils that I'm itching to share ~ Isis, Starlet and Island.

For your chance to win the triad, simply comment on the post that you're in for the set, and I'll put your name in the drawing.

If you win, you'll receive a .5 oz Starlet parfum, a 1/4 oz roll-on Isis parfum, and a 1/3 oz roll-on Island parfum. These are oil-based, very long-lasting and lusciously scented.

Deadline to enter is July 10, 2007.


  1. Oooh ah shall spread the word!


  2. wow! My friend Ms. Bella sent me over here. I LOVE the bottles, gosh they are gorgeous. Must spend some time sniffing around your blog now!

    I'd lvoe to win these, I'm a bit worried about the coconut in them though, my chemistry turns anything sugary into rotten fruit smell on me. All the white flowers in Island I absolutely ADORE, But I'm sure it smells amazing as is and I HOPE I get a chance!!!

  3. Ooooooo, Pretties! I'm a miz bella linker, too. Such sexy bottles!

  4. Alexandra2:38 AM

    Wow! Those all sound perfect for the summer heat. Please, count me in on the action. I'm a long time reader of your blog and also a natural perfume lover and occasional tinkerer. I've always enjoyed you witty commentary and also agree with you about the California foothills. They're so beautiful and evoke many scent memories for me. I live in the valley and try to get away to the hills as much as possible. Anyway, keep up the always interesting blogs.

  5. Ohhh pick me pick me pick MEEEEEEE said Donkey in Shrek1 and so do I :-D

  6. Oh wow. Please count me in! :)

  7. veronica3:04 PM

    I'm a budding natural perfume junkie and found your blog thru Le Parfumeur Rebelle, what a great resource!
    I read your archives and I like the fresh, no-nonsense approach.I don't plan on making perfumes but reading about trials and tribulations of people who do is sure fun:) And the images are so darn adorable!
    I enjoy your thoughts on this and that (that post about Montana de Oro was a hoot)and hope you could post more often.
    And look, I'm just in time for the drawing of the oodles of scented goodness. Count me in, please.

  8. Wendy5:36 PM

    Great stuff! I'm in for the set! What an exciting possibility! Pulease count Me Me Me in the contest.

  9. Oh! How lovely! I'm in. Just found your blog via Queen's Obsession, thanks!

    Barb V.

  10. Hi y'all! Thanks for tossing your name into the game -- I appreciate it. I've not announced this giveaway anywhere but here and with Bella. I kind of want to give you all a really good chance of scoring this set. Good luck!

  11. Hi there,

    I'd love to enter your giveaway. Thanks for making the offer to share. Mighty nice!!

  12. AlleyOop12:14 PM

    Sounds wonderful. Throw my name in the pot!



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