Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rhassoul & Rooibos Cocoa Butter Smoothie

Taking a page, and a picture, from the Anastasia Crabtree book of How to Make a Great Bar of Soap, comes this little piece of indulgence -- Rhassoul & Rooibos Cocoa Butter Smoothie.

Long name, yes, but remember how Ana used to give her creations incredibly long, and oftentimes bizarre names? Take, for instance, her famed Gnarly Bitch Body Butter. And the recipe? Who the hell knows? She never made it the same batch to batch, but somehow managed to make it oh so special each and every time.

Anyway, so I used a recipe from the Queen of Soap, bastardized it a bit by replacing a good deal of the shea butter with organic cocoa butter, and managed to produce a really nice soap (if I do say so mahself). Obviously it's got rhassoul and rooibos and cocoa butter in it. It's also got coconut oil and shea butter, plus a tiny pea-sized kernel of amber resin, not so much for scent, but to keep the soap from smelling too much like dirt.

All the soap that doesn't fit into the formed molds goes into a big box mold, layer after layer, from days of soapmaking, until I have what is referred to around here as 'the house soap'. The current house soap is composed of a bottom layer of poppymint soap, then lavender 'n Himalayan cedarwood soap, then patchouli soap, then vanilla lemongrass soap, then mocha java soap, then finally the top layer of rhassoul and rooibos cocoa butter smoothie soap.

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  1. i think the house soap sounds really good.



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