Wednesday, June 06, 2007


A few folks have been asking questions about things I do and say and report here on this teensy, beansy, insignificant blog.

Like, why tincture something that can be cheaply purchased? Well . . . because I can. Because I like the way the tinctures smell and behave differently in a blend than, say, an eo or concrete or absolute or whathaveyou. Because I enjoy the extreme poopy aspects of home stewed orange blossom flowers in contrast to the sweet lushness of the absolute. Or the bitter bite of magnolia tincture pressed against the fruity sweetness of the eo. I like layering; adding dimension and depth to a composition with like elements that are processed in different ways. I just freakin' like it, ok?

I'm also asked why I don't push my own business more aggressively here on this blog. First of all, this isn't 'The Scented Djinn' blog. It's a blog about aromatics in general (along with some other stuff) -- your stuff, my stuff, the guy down the street's stuff. I like sharing my experiences with and about all these talented, beautiful, creative people who do the things I do -- or wish to do -- or aspire to . . . y'know? And I'm really not all that competitive.

And last but certainly not least, I'm asked why I don't have PayPal buttons or 'buy now' buttons on my website (I know, it's a contradiction to bring up my business again after having stated this blog isn't about my business, but it is my blog), and the simple answer is because I want to get to know my customers. I have the ability to process credit cards, I just choose not to put it up on the site because I want you to e-mail me -- or call me. I like the personal contact. I like hearing your voices and getting to know you. Makes my job easier, actually.

Anyway, that's all for now.

Any more questions?

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