Monday, June 11, 2007

When Everything Turns to Schlopp with a Cherry on Top

This is a piss poor picture of the wedding cake I made for my son's wedding. Not that a GOOD picture would have made the cake look any better.

This is a classic case of what my brain sees my fingers can't do.

First of all, this was supposed to be a classic champagne cake. Instead it turned into a purple Lambrusco cake with a quite lovely filling of whipped cream, powdered sugar and boysenberry jam.

Who the hell ever heard of a purple wedding cake?

The picture doesn't do the frosting justice either. The frosting in this photo looks rather tame -- quite pink -- but tame, nonetheless. The real live version of the frosting looked more neon and less pastel. And that isn't cheese laying all over the cake -- it was white chocolate -- that looked exactly like mozzarella.

Everybody had quite a laugh at my expense for what could have passed as a 1960's fuzzy faux fur hat. But y'know what? There wasn't any left. Just a silver cardboard tray with purple crumbs and bits of curling white chocolate.

Never judge a pink hat box by it's cover, I always say.


  1. omg. i need to read your blog more. this one made me laugh. i'd love a purple wedding cake.

  2. Lambrusco, baby, lots and lots of Lambrusco! This cake reminds me of the joke about the Christmas brandy balls where the recipe calls for a tsp of brandy for the batter, a cup for me, another tsp for the batter, another cup for me -- well, I didn't do that with this cake, but it almost looks like I did :)



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