Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Arctander's 'Perfume & Flavor Materials of Natural Origin' ~ The Natural Perfumer's Bible?

Yeah, got it from Amazon for $85 new.

Glitch? Who cares? Me and a handful of ecstatic natural perfumers got in on this deal.

Regular price? $349.

Now I can join the ranks of the snoots who proclaim, "Well, Arctander says . . ."

What do you think of those black nails?


  1. Lohverly nails dahling. They're almost as long as mine....and the same color too ;) I missed out on the ARctander deal - it must have been when my mom was sick!

  2. Sorry to hear it ~ about your mother, and about the Arctander deal.

    Yeah, a few of us got in on it. What was there to lose, eh?

    Again, I'm sorry you didn't get in too. Should'a beat on your door a little harder, shouldn't I?

  3. lovely. so happy for you - and for me!

    ps - check out the black nails! y'all are gonna trigger me to get out my bottle of black nail laquer. peer pressure's not always a bad thing ;)

  4. Nails are friggin great:-) Once upon a time i had nails like that...then came the DH with his sailyacht and the nails went one by once. I have tried in vain to re-grow them, but alas to soft and weak they seem to be - bugger.

    I went in on the Arctander deal and is waiting for the dealer to move their sorry butt and deliver it. They sent me a delay notion last week, hope for sure they are good on the deal nevertheless;-)

  5. Congratulations on your fab purchase! How did you find out about the deal?




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