Friday, October 19, 2007


Looking ahead. Way ahead. Started a new project which has blown new life into the onward and upward motion of my perfumery education. Can't talk about it now. Maybe later.

Petitgrain. I just love petitgrain. Especially this time of year when everyone is loading up on cinnamon and cloves, nutmeg and vanilla. Here I am, cuddled up with Italian lemon petitgrain, sniffing happily away.

I have a sweet little Myer lemon tree in my front yard that I planted over the summer. Every day I marvel at how quickly it grows ~ delicate lime leaves unfurling against darker, mossy leaves. Every so often I'll pluck a leaf, break it up in my hands and inhale deeply ~ ahhhh! This lemon petitgrain smells similar to the Myer's fresh baby leaves, but sweeter, juicier. Lemonadey.

I also picked up a petitgrain bigarade, also Italian. Tart! Sharp little green teeth that nibble at the edges of your senses.

These are lovely clean notes, fresh and sparkling, and two of my very favorite things.


  1. Me too loves my petit grains and interesting enough the limitier and the citronier the very best. I have several potted citruses of different varieties (among them actual a sad excuse of a lime "tree") and scrunching a leaf every now and then is sooooo uplifting:-)
    Love Ya!!

  2. I fell in love with petitgrain at first sniff :)

    I guess growing up where citrus trees are as common as houseflies, one can't help but love the freshness of their scent.

    I sometimes take an orange or lemon leaf (or a dozen!) and drop them in hot water to scent the house. Beats all those nasty air fresheners. A cinnamon stick in with the leaves smells pretty good too.



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