Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Clean Fun

Ain't they purty?

Just a little sampling of the small artisan-style soap batches I've been whipping up lately to sell at various craft shows.

The front line is Old Fashioned Lavender. Right behind those are the fabulous Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold bars that, all modesty aside, I think turned turned out perfectly. I don't often get impressed by my own work, but I must say, this particular batch is as close to my best work as I've gotten ~ so far. The little orange muffin shaped soaps are Pumpkin Pie ~ with real organic pumpkin! The beige stack next to the Pumpkin muffins are the scentilicious Vetyver Pour Homme soaps. The stack with the mossy green streaks are the Patchouli soaps; behind them are the ever popular Poppymint soaps. What you can't see so well are the full-bar Pumpkin Pie soaps, the Geranium Pour Femme soaps, the Amaretto soaps, the lovely cool green Oceana soaps, the Vanilla Almond soaps, the Citrus Grove soaps, and last, but not least, the Oat Groats soap.


  1. Purty is only the middle name of these lovelies.;-) I wanna one of each, runnin low on your gorgeous soaps..nudge nudge if ya know what I mean:-O
    Big love,

  2. :)

    My favorite of the bunch are the Geranium Pour Femme bars ~ gawd! They're so delicious smelling, almost edible. Sandalwoody, though there's not a drop of sandalwood in the mix. There is rose floral wax, rosewood, rose geranium, bourbon geranium and some other stuff I can't remember ~ red clay! And something else . . .

    talk to you soon xoxo



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