Saturday, June 20, 2009

Coming Soon ~ Khamsa eau Fraiche

Finally -- finally! -- got this formulation worked out, and discovered, quite surprisingly, that Khamsa extrait dilutes to fresh water state without any significant loss of character, and with only tiny adjustments to the composition -- teeny, tiny.

So within the next few weeks the very first eau fraiche presented by The Scented Djinn will go on sale. The best part, aside from how clean, fresh and lovely it smells, is that it is presented in a 100 ml spray bottle. One hundred mls! And the price will surprise you too, but I'll leave that for the big reveal.

Khamsa ~ a distinctly fresh, lively scent featuring a blend of sparkling citrus, cool cilantro and shining silver patchouli.


  1. How exciting for you! Thank you for letting me whiff your proto of this will be a winner!!!

  2. I certainly hope so.

    And you're very welcome. The finished product isn't too very different from the small bit I sent to you. Same profile, same cool, fresh scent -- just a big, BIG bottle!

    Thank you for commenting, Mindy.




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