Monday, June 29, 2009

Teacher Perfumers ~ Places to Go (On the Web)

Shelley Waddington ~ Carmel-based bridge perfumer, Shelley, utilizes aromatics from both the natural botanical palette and the synthetic palette. Shelley's nearly newly launched blog, Carmel Perfumer, relates blending techniques and interesting perfumery facts.

Lyn Ayre ~ Canadian natural botanical perfumer, Lyn Ayre, is an instructor extraordinaire. Lyn's approach to NBP, in both her teaching and creating, are spiritual and pragmatic. Read through her website, then check out the correspondence course information.

Ayala Moriel ~ Canadian-based natural botanical perfumer, Ayala Moriel, teaches through her words -- her blog, to be exact. Through her website, Ayala offers consultations for custom perfumes, links to news articles and sites offering information pertaining to perfumery, history of perfumes and other related topics. Ayala also offers a well-received natural botanical perfumery course featuring top drawer information within the realm of nbp.

Liz Zorn ~ American perfumer, Liz Zorn, is another bridge perfumer who works within both the natural botanical and synthetic perfumery palettes. Her blog offers excellent tips and tricks for formulating perfume, an insider's view into the world of the perfume making process. Excellent information.

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