Friday, June 05, 2009

Distilling Again

This time it's something completely different. Hit up the roadside stand where my long-time friends, the Vangs, have been growing strawberries, boysenberries, sweet pea flowers and yummy veggies for over 14 years. A twenty-dollar bill will get you three baskets of boysenberries, six bags of cucumbers with 3 large or 5 medium cukes per bag, a bag of yellow crook neck squash, a bag of zucchini, a bag of some other kind of squash, a bag of fresh green beans, a bundle of onions, a bundles of beets, a big, fat smile and a dollar change. I've put some of those cukes in the al-embic. Can't wait for the cucumber water.

**Update: Not so sure about this one. The water has a slight pickly smell to it. Maybe it's just fresh still notes and will venture off sometime. I certainly hope so. In the meantime, I've turned the heat down to about half what it was earlier in an attempt to temper that -- that smell.

I persevere.

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