Friday, December 10, 2010

Alice's Attic Treasures

This is for me mum. She's been a great inspiration to me these past few years. Saucy, sassy, and at the age of 68, still 19 at heart. She dances, she sings, she travels, she babysits with gusto (I've caught her playing in the dirt with her great-grandson, my grandson Oden, when he comes for a visit). Over the years she's collected little doo dahs and whatchamacallits and to help her cull her ever growing herd of junque, I started an Etsy store for her called Alice's Attic Treasures. In it you will find old, weird books, vintage and antique cups and saucers, and more importantly for you perfumers, perfumistas and perfume memorabilia collectors, antique and vintage apothecary bottles and perfume sets. So go check it out. It's a very small collection now, but we will be adding more as time progresses. Just poke around a bit.

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