Wednesday, December 08, 2010

When the Train Runs Out of Steam

I've slowed down on the creation end. I'm working slowly, meticulously, through a perfume project now, and contemplating next year's early spring flower garden (the bulbs! the bulbs! they're everywhere! the stores are pushing, pushing, pushing the bulbs! jonquil, hyacinth, daffodils, paper whites, oh, despair, the bulbs!) and all the additional planter boxes that need to be built, filled and planted before February. When the hyacinth come up in the spring, I plan to use a little butane extraction on them using a Honey Bee Extractor made for the medical marijuana industry to extract near-lethal doses of THC from non-bud portions of the yearly grow. Yeah, you do a google search on "butane extractor" and see how many honey butter/hash oil videos and links you come up with! You'll get educated in a hurry. But thank heaven for the ingenious stoner, yeah? Without him/her, I might never have found this nifty different way of actually somewhat safely solvent extracting my own rare botanicals. Sort'a, kind'a, maybe.

I am thinking about throwing together a little cologne butter even though the creative vibe has dimmed somewhat. Something along the lines of a 4711 in a creamy, spreadable base. Maybe something bright and floral with neroli at its heart. It's interesting, this seasonal categorization of scent ~ some people turn toward warm and comforting scents, musky, dark, deeply scented ambers and spices during the dark time of the year, while others crave the sunny half, going for bright citrusy green scents. Or more simply, they crave the scent of the season -- oranges and cloves and nog and evergreen and warm cider.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    It's colder than a witch's wotsit here so I'm switching between the "warm and spicy" and "feminine and heart-lifting" scents each day. (Yesterday was Bella Cimitero, which was grand and a little earthier/spicier in the opening this time.)

    I don't seem to seek out the "scents of the season" although I don't know why not. What I do know is that "something bright and floral with neroli at its heart" sounds heavenly right now.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh (which has got remotest Siberia's weather at present)

  2. Yes, it does seem unReasonably cold this year, doesn't it? Here in Sunny California where we rarely see an early frost, we've seen about a week's worth so far.

    Bella Cimitero is definitely a warming scent.

    I'm working on that floral neroli hearted butter -- soon, it will be ready soon :)

    Thank you for your comments Anna!



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