Friday, December 03, 2010

Dear Santa (edited)

Dear Santa Darling,

Yes, I'm kissing up this year. I'm all for trades -- kiss a little Santa booty, get a fat sack of goodies under the tree. Works for me, sir.

The original letter is edited, so here it is: I still want that peace and the L'Artisan Tea for Two. I tried a little .Drole de Rose and I really, really liked it, reminded me of old Mrs. Bali, and she's really something special to be reminded of, but it lasted like half an hour and was gone! Tea for Two is right up my alley, smells gorgeous, lasts for hours, and my friends can't get enough of it either. Remember, it's the big bottle, sir, so I can share.

I'd still like to get that tin of
China Jasmin Organic from Upton Teas. And the clarity. Clarity and tea, sounds nice, doesn't it, Santa? We could all use a little of both from time to time. Upton is still out of the tea, but I think you can get it, Santa. I believe in you.

I will be needing an extra portion of patience to go with the
Two Ounce (165 ml) Tabletop Tamisium n-Butane Extractor. I ask that these two come as a duo too because, well, Santa, last year when I attempted to teach myself how to standardize tinctures, I really screwed the pooch. None of the instructions I received helped, and I was left scratching my head. I blame it on equipment failure. I even tried meeting up with the owner of Quady Wineries in Madera to see if he knew what I was trying to accomplish, but our schedules conflicted every time I tried making it out there, so that was not helpful either. Maybe I'll get hold of him this year and work something out. He seems like a very nice man. Anyway, I just think that patience will come in handy when I try to teach myself to use the butane extractor.

What was next? Oh! A
refill on my box of patience (I realize I asked for it to go with the butane extractor, but no one can have enough patience), and a bag of Omani luban. Patience and luban. Gee, they kind of go together too, don't they?

Happiness and a Soxhlet. I promise to share both. In fact, I prefer it. I could share happiness exhibiting the Soxhlet's extractive abilities. As a substitute, this distillation unit would be wonderful to help share the happiness. Tonie told me she likes the potato Latke patchouli hydrosol, so perhaps I overreacted on that one. Still, I'd like to make the hydrosols
better. Maybe you can help me out with this.

I thought of a bunch of other stuff I wanted too ~ so here goes!

I received a letter from a Mrs. A. Cox stating that all the gifts I requested in my first letter were being sent to her house. Santa, let her have them. We share similar tastes, and she seems like a very nice lady, and why shouldn't she get something extraordinary for Christmas too? Two people in different parts of the world sharing our gifts of peace and clarity and a double dose of patience, and finally happiness, well, the possibilities are endless! So, yes, let her have them.

It would be a wonder of all wonders if you could help out little N. She's really struggling and fighting for every day and she's too brilliant a being to slip away ~ so, please, please, please! Give her health in abundance! I also want you to give Ana something really special. I don't know what. You'll think of something. Gifts of the aromatic variety are what she likes, and she's really good at sharing them. And for Tonie -- give Tonie some good luck to go with her new business endeavor. Not that she needs it, just saying, a little extra can't hurt. And the Berkeley Babes ~ give them whatever their hearts desire, and send my love as well. They know what's up. Also, Santa, could you help Bella sell her house so she can finally get her butt out here to California?!

To all my loves, my friends and family all over the world, those living in Brazil, Australia, Ireland, the UK, Canada, South Korea, Croatia, France, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and those closer to home, my Pennsylvania girl, the witchy lady in Utah, M in Washington State, Ms. in Tennessee, the rose of Brooklyn ~ love, Santa, send them sleighs full of love. And for my children, my sweet babies, please give them blessings for a wonderful, prosperous, love-filled new year.

I think that's it for this year, Santa. I'll be thinking of what I want next year and try to write a better, more cohesive letter without having to edit so much.

Sincerely (and with love & gratitude)


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