Monday, December 13, 2010


Been struggling with a bit of a head cold the past few days. Fighting it off with nothing, until now. My immune system isn't as strong as I'd like to believe it is, so I wait until things become dire before attempting a little herbal therapy to clear things up. Today I've been diffusing peppermint oil with frankincense oil and myrrh oil. The air smells rich, and my sinuses are clearing up some. My headache has vanished!

Peppermint is a great sinus tonic, helping to temporarily drain the mucus so healing can begin. The myrrh helps to ease coughing, due to the mucus drainage, perhaps, and frankincense does pretty much the same thing as myrrh with added anti-bacterial effects in play. Well, all three of these oils have some anti-bacterial effect, though how effective they are in a steam is debatable. I do feel much better now, and though I can smell the peppermint, myrrh and frankincense, I can't smell much else.

So the scent of the day is a sinus steam tonic of peppermint, myrrh and frankincense. At least I'm sticking with a holiday theme.


  1. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Wow! Those oils in combination would certainly blast through breathing problems: isn't it a shock when the fresh air gets through? Seems to ventilate somewhere deep in the brain, which is a weird sensation at the best of times.

    Perhaps try hot water, lemon juice and honey (mixed with a small nip of whisky if you can) at bedtime. I don't drink but this Irish home-remedy certainly works wonders. Best last thing before you lie down to sleep, I reckon.

    Take care, and be good to yourself while you're not firing on all cylinders.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. Oh, yes, fresh air! The headache was really driving me nuts. I hate taking pills of any kind, and after a while they don't seem to do anything anyway. This little home remedy is working beautifully -- hopefully it speeds recovery. Oooh, I do remember that old Irish remedy for colds -- my Irish grandmother used to pour it down my throat when I was a child. If I remember correctly, it did work. At least I slept well :)

    Thank you for the well wishes ~ :)


  3. feel better sweetness!

  4. Mint oil is always in my cupboard . It relieves headaches better than anything else. I hope you feel well soon.



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