Saturday, December 01, 2012

Frankincense and Rose Skin Elixir

Frankincense and Rose Elixir
Frankincense and Rose Elixir Frankincense and Rose Elixir Frankincense and Rose Elixir
I just have to say that the frankincense oil I used in this is so fine! (Imagine that statement in a sing-song voice). So fine ~ gorgeous Omani frankincense blended with a few drops (in each bottle) of the lovely rose de Mai and folded into a half-and-half mixture of anti-inflammatory organic borage oil and anti-oxidant (vitamin E rich) organic pumpkin seed oil. I also must confess that while mixing this little bit of heaven, I began in a bit of a funk having woken up late and then discovering the day was dreary, cold, overcast, with the monsoon rains pouring down, but by the end of the formulating session, I felt a sense of euphoria and that juxtaposed a sense of calm and the feeling that all is well and whatever gloom and doom I'd allowed into my spirit from the late morning was (and is) gone -- utterly. And also (more confessions) I've been using the half-and-half borage/pumpkin blend sans scent for the past week on my new tattoo and it is the only application of any combination of oils that has soothed my healing skin, keeping it soft and supple without any greasy residue. I adore the borage/pumpkin blend and I think you will too -- it just makes it doubly wonderful with that gorgeous, beautiful, divine Omani frankincense that is sooooo fine!

15 mls

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