Thursday, December 13, 2012

Patchouli in Your Cuppa Joe Said the Olfactogustatorian

I've been indulging lately -- hey, what are the holidays for if not an excuse to go a little buck wild on the goodies every now and then? So here's the dealio ~ remember those mocha tangerine patchouli marshmallows I put up on Etsy? Yes, those ones, well, I've been taking one or two to work with me pretty much every day and have dropped them into my plain old mug of coffee for a bit of an olfactory boost when the drudgery of type-type-typing away becomes too much, and guess what? (I know, I'm full o' questions today) I feel better after drinking it. My mood is lifted. I'm not fidgety and wanting nothing more than to get up and get out of there, I have patience and the time seems to pass by swiftly. Yay! And not just that, oh, no, drinking patchouli'd coffee is such an experience -- the flavors meld beautifully, the fragrances of chocolate and tangerine and the tobacco-like smoothness of coffee all coming together and wrapping around the dark patchouli to create this rich, earthy, natural edible perfume is 'ah!' inspiring. Ok, and awe inspiring.


  1. That sounds awesome! I accidentally created a coffee enflourage last month. I was working with Myrrh and had my coffee mug a little to close by. None actually went in, but oh man, it tasted of the scent SO strongly! I'm not sure that was a good thing. I might have to get over my knee-jerk rejection of marshmallows...

    1. Oh, I know, I'm not a big marshmallow fan myself, but these don't quite qualify as marshmallows, not anymore. Myrrh in coffee sounds DIVINE! I do so adore myrrh, and I bet that was quite the mood lifter as well.

      Bonne odeur!



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