Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Bright Friday

I woke this morning to a beautiful bright day. Surprising considering how danged cold and bleak it was last night! Not Northeast cold, but cold for us warm-blooded California people. I never did get around to making soap yesterday, having underestimated the amount of shelving, counter, and storage space in this house -- every available inch of workspace was covered with cookery gear. I also never got 'round to grinding this fine and beautiful white howjary frankincense with white sage and a few other glistening golden aromatics to make that incense, so that's what I'm working on today. Right this minute, in fact.

Blank Bamboo Splits
I'm going to roll this newest creation onto bamboo splits, something I've never worked on before -- the bamboo splits. I've done the dipping of pre-makko'd incense stick punks into DPG laden aromatic oils, but never created the makko-herb-resin mixture and rolled it onto the sticks from scratch. This should be yet another fine adventure in incense making. This newest creation already has a name ~ Apiana Sacra, a blending of the Latin names of Salvia apiana (sacred white sage), and Boswellia sacra (sacred white howjary frankincense). I just hope it lives up to its potential.

Today is also a wrapping up of loose ends day -- mainly getting all the soaps and other items in the Etsy shop labeled and put away. And I'm dehydrating fruit for future incense and aromatic uses. A friend of mine recently discovered that the scraggly citrus tree throwing off small, brilliantly orange/yellow, and super sour fruit was a bergamot tree! It's not been well cared for over the past few years of drought, so the pickings were slim and quite small when we went out to harvest. What we got are being dehydrated right now. I've asked my friend to better care for this tree in future, so hopefully next season will be a much nicer crop.  Fuyu persimmons, which are added to our famously gorgeous Pink Lotus Kyphi, are in the dehydrator as well, and I've got apple slices drying for Yule projects for the grandbaby to work on.

It's turning out to be quite the busy day here at The Scented Djinn's home apothecary.

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