Saturday, November 22, 2014

Serving Time in the Incense Exchange Program

And happily doing so.

For some time now, I've been exchanging incense ideas, incense making techniques, and incense with Dabney Rose, famous for making spectacular hydrosols, and now soon to be famous for making gorgeous bioregional style incense.

Together we've managed to work out some issues with incense, Kyphi in particular, and teach each other a few tricks and tips, as well as trading in raw materials.

Dabney's finally put one of her beautifully compounded incenses on her Etsy shop, and you, my friends, should check it out.

Winter Sleep is a hand rolled Kyphi incense that is flush with coniferous goodness. It smells juicy and fruity and deliciously fir balsamy. Gorgeous. If you burn it on an electric heater, or an oil burner, the scent will last all day long, filling your space with the scent of cool, crisp, evergreen tinted air. I can't get enough of the rich scent, and burn the little sphere for about an hour before retiring it to cool down. That's the great thing about this kind of incense, you can use it for hours until it burns out, or for a short time, long enough to fill a room with scent, then pluck it off the burner to save for another day. Winter Sleep embodies the scent of Yule, and would make a great (wonderful, even) gift for the incense lover in your life.


  1. Thank you Justine! High praise indeed from the master Thurifercorium! :D

    1. Ha! You're very welcome Dabney. I'm still working on one of your other creations as far as burning, removing from the burner, then burning again the next day. They're really good at holding onto scent for a very long time. Little bursts of scent to set the mood.



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