Sunday, November 02, 2014

It rained! For the first time in -- what? -- 189 days? 190 days? Rained while the kids were trick-or-treating, rained through the evening and into the night, rained in the wee hours of the morning, and rained a soft sheet of crystalline mist for the better part of an hour while I brewed coffee. Never have I been so happy to mop up muddy paw prints off the kitchen floor. The trees seem brighter, the dust of nearly seven months of cloudless skies finally, and efficiently, washing away from their drying leaves. It's also restrained those pesky flies, and sadly put an end to the daily visit from bees thinking something sweet grows in the studio. No one, not a single person, complained that it rained on Halloween.

Fall has arrived. Thank. Heavens!

I'm dreaming up season themed Kyphis for the future -- an autumn, winter, spring, and summer Kyphi to use during the opposing months as a reminder that it won't always be cold/hot/mild; or use in the appropriate season as an offering to the spirits who rule that time of the year. I'm dreaming up color themed Kyphis to correspond with chakras; mood themed (though most of what I've made already are mood motivating), and very soon, mystical goddess and god themed Kyphis. Themed sounds so common and market driven, but I promise that's not what drives my desire to create these different Kyphis. Even if at the end of my time here I am left with only the clothes on my back and huge sacks of very well-aged Kyphi, I will leave a happy woman. It's very difficult to explain without laying it all out raw and open -- vulnerable -- for the world to see and criticize. Not ready for that yet.

Vetyver Kyphi! Yes! Santal Kyphi, also yes! More compounded incense resin *slash* solid perfumes -- yes, yes, yes!

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