Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Premium White Howjary Frankincense

I've been saving my pennies for months now so I could dig in and really get the 'good stuff' for making compounded incense, and now that I have, I'm so happy! My first shipment (of many) of white howjary frankincense resin direct from Salalah, Oman arrived, torn to shreds by customs, but intact, nonetheless, and smelling like the very tears of the gods -- gorgeous! There are a few pieces of green in there too, but for the most part, this frankincense is shimmery white. I've got it lying out in a tray right now getting ready to package up and the scent in this room is unbelievable. I feel . . . light. Euphoric. Intoxicated by it. And I cannot wait to make a compounded incense from it. Or just to burn a piece here and there for the joy of it.

You gotta get you some!

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