Monday, December 07, 2015

Curio Apothecary & Seasons of Spirit

I'm back! I went away to work which felt more like a vacation fun, and while I was away, someone used my debit card information to purchase a nice taco dinner, a massage, and some booze down  in Los Angeles -- where I haven't been in, oh, five years at least. So I spent the weekend fund-less more or less because I had to shut down my debit card in case those LA robbers decided to buy more groceries and pleasure time literally on my dime. Aside from that little bump, the entire week and part of the weekend were fab. I helped a friend set up her physical store so she can get some business in before Yuletide. It looks really nice. Loads of herbs grown right in her garden, white sage wands, bay leaf branches, sweet grass braids, sweet myrtle berries (the other 'juniper' in Kyphi incense), bulk lavender buds, as well as seeds -- wisteria seeds, mullein seeds, and a myriad of other homegrown flower and plant seeds. There are essential oils and resins, apothecary bottles, incense, handmade soaps, crystals, beads, vintage glass drawer knobs, vintage door knockers, crystalized candied ginger, tarot and gypsy divination cards, perfumes and perfume bottles, teas, tea pots, tea cups and saucers, candles, hand painted silk handkerchiefs, pendulums and divination cloth, Chakra wheels, ink with glass and feather pens -- well, suffice it to say, it's a wee apothecary with a little bit of everything in it. If you're interested in purchasing her herbs or seeds, go to Curio Apothecary on Etsy, and if you're in the Sanger, CA area, go to her shop at 1121 North Nelson Avenue ~ Seasons of Spirit.

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