Saturday, February 13, 2016

Antique Oil of Cade & Hempiliciousness

Today I listed wee vials of antique cade from my library onto the Etsy shop. As I was dusting the library pieces, it suddenly dawned on me that I really have no need of eight ounces of un-rectified 116-year-old cade oil, even if the bottle is pretty. So I'm letting go of roughly an ounce and a half. That way, the bottle still looks nice on the shelf, and someone else gets to enjoy a bit of antique perfumery.

Last night all the major players here left for the weekend -- yay! The bulk of them won't be returning until tomorrow evening, which means I get two days to loll about, eating chocolate truffles and drinking sparkling wine until I fall down. Not really. I actually formulated a new butter -- in my head. Another in the Hempilicious line-up scented with a sweet, smooth spice, a little vanilla, and a touch of rose. I'm going for the texture of this:

This stuff was amazing! It looked like jelly and spread over the skin like warm butter and then melted right in. I made big jars of this stuff, something like four ounces or so, and sold out in less than a week. I'm looking for that again -- not so much the selling out as the look and feel of it -- I had a jar for myself that I used after showering and when it was all gone, I lamented its loss thinking I could never recreate it again. I have the formulation, I just felt then that I could never recapture the magic of it. Anyway, I'm going for it. Now that everyone's gone, I feel the air around me is lighter and all these magickal and mysterious alchemical creations are reaching out, begging to become. Watch tomorrow for the newest version of our Hempilicious Face, Hair & Body Goo, Guaranteed to Relive and Cure Nothing to hit the cyber-shelves.

Now that everyone's gone, I don't know what to do with myself. I have so many projects sitting here I could work on, but it's also a beautiful sunny day, the birds are chirping, the kitty is playing happily just outside the back sliding door, the hyacinth's are popping up, the breeze is . . . breezing, and everything has slipped into a zen mode. I love it! It makes me want to go out and explore. But then I have so many projects that I've put off because that zen feeling is so rarely here -- it's the perfect environment in which to create. I get so much done when the atmosphere is like this, so I'll stay in, light some incense, and whip up some goodies and infuse all that quiet joy into whatever comes from my hands.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE my cade oil I bought from you! Can't wait to have the time to play with it! And I so know what you mean about the special energy of quiet to create in! So little of it lately myself.



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