Friday, February 12, 2016

Linden Blossom Fabulous Facial Serum, and More Angst

There is another new product at The Scented Djinn Apothecary at Etsy-- a sweet little sparkling facial serum with hempseed oil, argan oil, and a generous sprinkling of linden blossom CO2 courtesy of Enfleurage of NY. The CO2 doesn't blend well with oil, so the serum looks like it's got little globes of glitter floating around in it. Doesn't deter from the overall effect of skin yummy-ness and blossomy scent. 

I'm working on more serums, more complicated scent combinations using essential oils that really love doing nice things to skin. The hempseed and argan mix is so nice -- I use this blend, scented and unscented, on my face nearly every day and I can really feel a positive difference from how it felt before slathering on the serum.

I've been making a point of getting up early so I have more time to work on the computer, mostly fielding questions from readers of my books and from students. I've noticed, however, that the earlier I get up, the earlier the bearers of children get up, bearing the children, who are promptly tossed into my arms so some menial task can be completed. This while I sit here with six questions to answer, a notebook and pen under my hand, a few bottles of diluted aromatics at my elbow,and a Skype discussion on the computer screen -- looking, for all intents and purposes, BUSY, and still. Nothing I do is respected here by anyone in this house. I'm nothing more than the person who keeps the fridge stocked and the dishes washed. This is another reason for getting out of the house and into a real studio space. Not that I won't still be relied upon to do these things, but the effort to work out problems will fall back into their laps and not be conveniently placed into mine without a thought. 

I'm in the process of putting together the tea house soaps, beginning with the Kyoto Cherry Rose Tea soap. Then I think Russian Caravan next, Cinnamon Fig, and then finally Butterscotch. I also dug up from my tea stash a wee bag of White Chai, which smells fabulous! I may make that one for myself. Perhaps even a simple Moroccan Mint with light peppermint, green tea, and a hint of vanilla. These scents, depending upon how well they perform in a soap base, may also find themselves in wee perfumed butters. Maybe even a sweet pot of sugar lip scrub.

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