Thursday, February 04, 2016

The FedEx Man Texteth

Nothing like waking up to Alarm by FedEx. Did you know they will text you if an adult's signature is needed for a package? Like, hours before they deliver said package? I love that they do that -- nice reminder, especially if you're not prone to jumping on the computer to read emails at the crack of dawn. What bites is the time between the text and the actual time of delivery. It's like setting an appointment with the cable company. Or death.

Me: "When did you say you'd be here to pick me up?"

Death: "Oh, somewhere between 1963 and the early to mid-2000's. Is that convenient for you, or do you have to be somewhere? Forewarning, lady, there's a fee if you cancel your appointment."

Yesterday the wee one and I spent a little time gardening. We built a barrier in the back strip using animal crates and an old litter box to prevent wee-dog from trotting to the other side to do her business. Wee-dog still has plenty of poop space, but now the wee one also has some space to romp in, poop free. There are a couple of planter boxes back in the strip, one with a giant aloe vera octopusing over the sides, and the other is the tater stash. The tater stash is kind of an experimental incubator of potatoes I find at the farmer's markets around here -- I think the last one I planted was a Peruvian blue, or something like that. They're growing even though it isn't potato season. That's what you get in a micro-climate, weather unlike what the guy 20 miles up the road gets. And the honeysuckle is back there too. With all the water we've gotten this winter, the honeysuckle blossoms should be spectacular. There will be plenty for the enfleurage plates.

The front garden got some attention as well. After cleaning off the front porch of all the damp and ruined stuff, we set to work repotting the magnolia. My mother potted that magnolia for me several years ago from a seed that fell from a 100-year-old grand magnolia growing in her backyard. She cursed that tree too as it dumped leaves on her potting stand and buried many of her baby plants. The magnolia had grown about a foot since I received it three years ago, adding a few more bundles of leaves as it went, but I could tell it wasn't going to continue growing with such gusto without putting it into a larger container. The pot I picked was used for some strange celery smelling Australian no-water plant that got grossly overwatered a year back and finally gave up the ghost. My hope is that the magnolia thrives in this bigger pot as it was severely root bound in the last pot. We also checked the bulby things and they're all popping up! The hyacinth enfleurage is about a week or two away now. The pink jasmine is beginning to send out bright green fingers, slowly wrapping them around the bobbing long-necked succulents with whom they share a pot. Succulents like these grow like mad around here with little to zero tending. No joke, if one snaps in two, you can take the part that separated from the plant, poke a hole in the dirt, stuff it into the hole and it'll grow like it lived in that hole its entire life. They're Superman succulents. And they make good trellises for the jasmine to grow.

Today we were going to take a trip around the neighborhood so the wee one could ride her bike, but FedEx has put the kibosh on that idea. We'll probably end up on the driveway with a pack of sidewalk chalk instead.

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