Monday, February 01, 2016

The Eclectic Collection of Exquisite Grab Bag Goods & Some Other Stuff

First, shameless sales tactic here ~ I've put together those grab bags, only they aren't bags, and they don't cost a dollar, or contain anything in them less than $40 ($50 to $90 is more like it), and I REALLY want them gone. Like, a burning desire to see those boxes off. They are pre-packed, and I have no idea what is in them individually other than they're crammed full of whatever I could fit, including soap (every box has soap), incense (not every box has incense), scrubs (not every box has a scrub), and perfume (every box has perfume -- some have more than one) -- and they're a great way to stock up your natural skincare pantry for next to nothing. Treat yourself, buy one -- heck, buy two! Get them out of here -- they're causing quite the mental stock block.

Last November, about four days before my birthday, I did something I literally NEVER do; I bought myself jewelry. Cheap jewelry, albeit, but jewels, my style. The website I bought the jewel from gave a 60 to 80 day delivery time (yow!) but it didn't bother me because it wasn't a gift to someone else, there was no timeline, just that some time in 2016 I should receive it. It was delivered a few days ago, and it was worth the wait, in my opinion. I love it. It's gaudy, brilliant, different, and 'out there' -- just my style. I love it so much, I went back to the website and ordered another one in a different setting with a blue stone (like a CZ sapphire or something). The one I initially purchased is like a CZ ruby. I've never worn a ruby in my life, but I'm rocking the rubies now.

I have vacillated on the salt/solid perfume idea to the point that I'm not certain anymore what to do with the goods I gathered to build them. I'm trying to downsize here, but I realized that I'm expanding (in some areas) instead. I'm resolved, however, to whip this ship into shape and purge a lot of stuff I don't need because what I need more than anything in the world is SPACE! I will eventually work on that salt/solid perfume idea. I have to. It wants it.

Two new items are going up at the Apothecary & Thurifercorum today -- a beautifully distilled, rare, and seasonal bergamot hydrosol, and an equally beautiful, not quite so rare, and completely seasonless Bergamot & Violet soap. Both are exquisite (yeah, I use that word a lot), the bergamot slowly and tediously distilled using the whole fruit to create the hydrosol, and the perfume formulation for the bergamot soap aged for nearly two months before being poured into a lovely soap base of organic extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, creamy coconut milk, and delectable raw yellow shea butter.

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