Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Eat Paste!

No, not that minty, gelatinous gloop you ate off a popsicle stick in kindergarten! I'm talking about vanilla paste.

I just received samples of Bourbon Vanilla paste three-fold, and Tahitian Vanilla paste three-fold from The Vanilla Company in Santa Cruz, CA.

Patricia Rain, the 'Vanilla Queen', offers some spectacular products. The vanilla paste is -- well -- edible.

Pour it into your soap bases and facial scrubs, and whatever else you can think to put it in. Eat it. I'm going to tincture away.

The Vanilla Company.


  1. I find the extracts, the beans, the powders and the syrups, but heck if I can find any paste.... I want some tooo-oooooooo.

  2. Go to 'Culinary', then click on 'Volume Purchases', then click on 'Wholesale Purchases' and it takes you to a list ~ the pastes are like the second or third item from the top of the list.

  3. Oh, I do love your blog!! Glad I found it.

    Please come and visit as

    Would love to have you there


  4. Thank you, Chamara. I will visit your blog :D I love what you're doing there.



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