Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Green Things

I've been toying with a green perfume of late using galbanum, vetiver, clary sage absolute and lavender Seville absolute.

I was inspired by a small bottle of Vent Vert that I received post-holidays. Though my creation in no way resembles Vent Vert (ha! now that would be a trick!), it fulfills its goal as green.

And I've rediscovered the beauty of vetiver. Once one of my very favorite scents with its musky, earthlike, somewhat sharp, grassy essence, it sort of fell from grace the last couple of years.

I used it sparingly in a few oil perfumes during its time as pseudo outcast, but not as a center stage element; more of a backup singer, if you will.

In this newest 'green' perfume incarnation, however, it is a major player. Thankfully, vetiver is one of those elements which becomes more intense in its sweetness, and loses a bit of its bite, as it ages. I've got four aging vetivers, sourced from four separate suppliers ~ each has its own vetiver~y voice, a steady bel canto that raises the hair on my arms.

In a few weeks, my little opera in a bottle will be ready for applause ~ or rotten tomatoes.

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