Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pretty Little Things

My daughter, a full-fledged natural perfume and skincare lover, brought me her empty bottle of facial elixer complaining that her 'face hurt' since she ran out. "Would you make me some more?" she begged. "But let me pick out the smell."

I blended her little bottle of oil ~ a bit of organic olive oil, a splash of organic sunflower oil, a pinch of virgin coconut oil, and then a final drizzle of hazelnut oil.

I pulled out my essential oils and we picked through them.

"Lavender?" I asked.

"Ew! Old lady!" she yelled.

"Ok, how about patchouli?"

"Mom, I'm not a hippy, okay?"


"Are you trying to kill me?" she asked.

"Seriously," I said. "What do you want in here because I'm running out of ideas."

She poked around the blending table a bit, found my little box of pre-blended treasures, and shouted, "This!"

She was holding a roll-on bottle of one of Opus Oils' blends ~ Island ~ loaded with tropical essences.

We blended about 20 drops of Island into her 2 oz bottle of elixer and the result was nirvana ~ well, as close as we're gonna get for now.

Now both of us love smearing on our facial elixer. We have perfumed faces ~ naturally.

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