Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sweeeeet Pea!

Oh. Oh. Oh.

I just blended the sweet pea accord ~ and, oh.

I'm not known to be a sweetie, floral, girlish-type, and certainly not someone who dives headlong into delicate, timid little stinks like sweet pea, but, oh!

At the moment it's overwhelmingly tuberose~y (lush white floral, a squige of ca-ca and a splash of boiled hot dog water), but the energy created by the rose and vanilla and orange blossom chewing on the weiner water over time . . . well, hell, --oh.

Can you say 'potential'?


  1. Oh, the visual alone makes me want to take a sniff! Will email you later today about the mail I received!!

  2. Isn't it funny? It took me forever to mentally classify that weird beefy smell coming off tuberose (and pink lotus). Smells like the water left in the pot after beef weiners have been boiled in it. It's gross.



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