Sunday, July 08, 2007

Got the creative stuff-making bug up my bum.

I am fed by inspiration that comes streaming in from a drastic change in diet -- or maybe I'm hormonal. Been on a creative roll this past week. I've put pen to paper and mapped out no fewer than six new future (tomorrow?) perfume experiments, made a small test batch of beeswax, rose wax (Anatolian Treasures), rosewood and rose geranium (White Lotus Aromatics) mini votive candles. Those little babies smell fresh and rich. I'm thinking I'll bump up the rosewood . . . then I knocked out a 10-bar batch of organic yellow tomato and holy basil soap -- wow, talk about fragrant. My soon-to-be-employed-and-moving-out-of-the-house,-please-god son said, "It smells like coke in here."
"Yeah, coke."
"Soda coke or crack coke?" I asked.
He laughed, "Not soda coke."
"How do you know how coke smells?"
He just grinned at me, "I'm going on memory here, ma."
"Does crack have a smell?"
"I don't know. I never did crack."
Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk! Why do kids think that when they turn 18 they can suddenly confess all their past transgressions as if you were the local parish priest?

Anyway, tomato and holy basil soap smells like coke, in case you were interested. And my son is clean and sober -- the gang tattoos on his neck, however, will need lasering (I'm just kidding, guys!)

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