Sunday, July 22, 2007

MoonaLisa: A Supernatural Clean

This is one of the craziest websites I've ever visited. Crazy is good. As crazy as it is, however, it's very easy to navigate, and the pages are packed with interesting ingredients' lists and fantastic photography. It's comfortable, homey, and witchy in a Mother Earth and reverence way.

Of course I ordered something -- how could I not? From the delightfully spooky Madame de Mal de Mort House of Voodoo holographic eyeball candle to the sinfully delicious, super fat (as in big) bars of sweet stanky soap, there was no way I was walking away from this site empty-handed.

Venetian Coffee Swirl ~ Oh. And that's an 'oh' in the 'oooohhhhhhhhhh, baby' way. This soap is the shiz (can I still say that? shiz?) Regardless, this soap rocks. It pops. Sizzles. Oozes and splashes and drenches with rich coffee chocolatey creamy yumminess. My bathroom literally smelled like a specialty coffee house while the soap lay dreaming mocha dreams on its little soap dish. *Swoon* Just so y'all know, this is a melt and pour soap. I'm not a fan of the melt and pours, but this stuff is different. Really different. It doesn't behave like m&p, it behaves like a super fatted, triple milled soap. The colors are made with micas, which give the soap a sparkling irridesence. And it doesn't dry up the dermis. On a scale of 1 to 10, this soap gets a 12. I'm getting more.

Chill Pill ~ Everyone needs one of these soaps. Another m&p that isn't m&p~y, this soap is a really refreshing, super scented bar layered with rhassoul clay. The description claims it smells like iced tea, and it really does! Clean, refreshing and green, this soap is a knock out.

I'll be ordering more of this stuff, only next time, I think I'm gonna pick up some 'Don't Get Your Knickers in a Bunch', 'Mr. Bombay', and 'Bohemian Velvet'.

Like I said, this stuff is the shiz and you need to check it out.

MoonaLisa: A Supernatural Clean

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  1. Can't help but love that tagline "suprnatural clean" wow brilliant!! I found the site a bit too crowded to my likings, but the names she ahs come up with for her goods....more wow.
    Can't remeber my blogger login details - bummer!




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