Friday, July 27, 2007

Queens Who Obsess

Aromatherapy blends aren't particularly my favorites. I prefer the lush disregard toward mood enhancement that is found in mysterious hand-blended natural and botanical perfumes. That being said (stated in print, that is), I am attempting to give my honest opinion of a group of aromatherapy blends from divalicious perfumista, Ms. Bella of The Queen's Obsession.

Breathe ~ Camphoraceous (is that even a word?), clean, woody, and certainly capable of breaking down the most stalwart gob of boogies in the schnozz. Okay, that was a little gross, but you get the idea, right? It also reminds me of a specific eucalyptus forest that surrounds the road toward the sea near Morro Bay, CA. On warm days, you can smell the camphor wafting down from the trees, along with the damp forest floor and the dank stream that meets the road every so often. In a diffuser or humidifier, Breathe would probably work wonders during the cold season.

Calm ~ I get blood orange, sweet orange and mandarin, maybe some yuzu. Very bright citrus. It has a kind of warm, musty, vaporous background scent ~ very pleasant. I guess I'm calm. I don't feel like running a marathon or beating up my sister, so it works? I'm also thinking citrus packing house, how the clean, orangey air floats all around the busy-work of the fruit packers. I like the dry down on Calm much better than the initial nasal quaff ~ it has kind of a watery aspect to it.

Awake ~ Rose geranium -- maybe bourbon? Deep and sensual. Little bit of peppermint? I like this one! It manages to be muddy and clear at the same time. Maybe this one should be called 'Agitation' instead -- I'm feeling a bit antsy after sniffing it. Better 'n coffee for that get-up-off-yer-ass jolt! I think I need to go rake the grass . . .

I had to take a break right here -- no, I didn't really go rake the grass! The feeling I got after sniffing the last aromatherapy blend is similar to the drugged up feeling I used to get when I'd make mega batches of soap in my little space in the garage. Like I was hopped up on crack or something. I had to go breathe some non-scented air for a while.

Uplifting ~ Grapefruit and Rosa bourbonia -- perfume? Almost. This is a clean, fresh, flowery essence, and I do feel better after sniffing it. It reminds me of something -- can't quite pinpoint it -- a soap or balm or something I used to use. It's possible that it was something else Ms. Bella sent me years past. Ooh! I think I've got it! A perfume balm she made about three years ago -- a lovely, fresh blend that had a bit of rose geranium in it as well. Yes! I like Uplifting very much.

Euphoria ~ Oh, this girl knows her stuff. Euphoria is candy. Vanilla and oranges. A sweet, sticky Creamsicle. Dirty little girls playing in the fine dust of a country driveway, clear blue skies, mockingbirds twittering on a fence post, the sound of a squeaky screen door slamming and the anticipation of the treat mom brings within moments of that sound. Euphoria.

Fresh ~ Lemons? Roses? Fresh is alive. Of the group of blends Ms. Bella sent, Fresh smells closest to something you'd find whole in nature. Like a fragrant rose with notes of citrus and peach. This one is very nearly a perfume. Five stars!

Warmth ~ Subtle. Spicey. Warm ~ ha! This blend is a blast of contentment in a teeny bottle. It's a Fall scent basking in layers of pumpkin and apple pies, cozy nights before the fire, thick, fluffy blankets drawn close under the chin. Snugglin' time!

Forest Dawn ~ Himalayan cedar, Virginia cedar. This isn't a pine~y forest. It's a quiet forest. A morning forest. Ver'ah nice :)

Exotica ~ Coffee house slut. Me likey. I got a big bottle of this stuff in oil and I use it everywhere, including the ends of my hair. It's coffee~ish, chocolatey, spicy, exotic. One of my fav's.

The Queen's Obsession


  1. veronica8:44 AM

    For me it's impossible to divorce certain perfumes from how they make me feel and in that way most of my fumes are mood enhancing. Only I can't really pinpoint the effects in one word like Awake or Euphoria. I like to think that part of the reason why all these things that grow in the dirt smell so darn good is to make us feel calmer and happier and all-around good without us being too aware of those effects.

  2. I get'cha. Perfumes ARE mood enhancing, but like you say, without specific labels. Good is good, right?

  3. veronica12:10 PM

    'Nuff said, good is good:)It is so awesome that there are smells, right?
    I can't imagine a scentless existance... like on the Moon maybe (no air)

  4. the names on the bottles were more for me to remember what I sent They'll be Formula #1 - whatevuh.




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