Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As If By Magic . . .

. . . the lost/stolen camera and its accompanying charger have "reappeared". Yup. I'm sure one of the transient souls who meander in and out of my home (open door policy in full enactment here) thought better of their actions. So I have my camera back. No questions asked, though they do linger in my mind . . .

This new project I'm working on is killing me. But in a good way. I guess. I get so enraptured by what I'm researching, time flies as it did in the days of self-study, when dinner was never on time, dishes piled high on the counters, monuments to the memory of Dr. Seuss, laundry entangled anyone attempting to cross the threshold of the laundry room to -- anywhere else beyond it -- and I get nothing done. Except the project at hand. The more I dig, the more I dig up. Like contradictions. One source says this guy and this year are the perfumer and launch date, another source says something else. Different perfumer, 20-year discrepancy in launch dates. It's somewhat self-defeating. But I soldier on. Because I like it.

It's almost time to crack out the soap pot, and dealing with the dilemma of sourcing raw materials that are fair trade, low carbon footprint and affordable. Which is why my soaps -- well, at least their bases -- are rather simple. Just extra virgin olive oil, which can be gotten right here in California (for a price), virgin organic coconut oil (Mexico?), water (home filtered and distilled), and lye (which is shipped in from Texas). I usually add a bit of hemp oil, a little shea butter, cocoa butter is my favorite -- but that's pretty much it. Less about bells and whistles and more about skill and intent.

Well. That's that. I'm still hesitating (procrastinating) on putting together another batch of Khamsa as this current batch is really and truly almost gone. I don't know why I do this. I love formulating and bottling and labeling and all that -- I think I hesitate because I'm afraid I'll irreversibly mess something up. Yeah. I think that's it.

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