Saturday, August 29, 2009

Scrub Queen

My daughter is the Scrub Queen. Look at that skin, that smooth little face. She's nearly 16 and has never had a pimple. Well, maybe one or two.

I started her out on scrubs when she was very young. I wanted her to know how to take care of her skin early on, something my mom didn't do for me. When I was 14, I broke out in the worst pimples ever, along the T line, forehead, nose and chin. I washed with soap, used up entire jars of Noxzema, Clearasil pads, even bottles of rubbing alcohol. Nothing worked. Until I started washing with honey. That worked, and it worked pretty quickly. So I learned something ~ the kitchen cabinet was a better medicine chest than the drug store. I've used oatmeal, cornmeal, poppy seeds, hemp seeds, coconut shreds, ground lentils and rice ~ almost everything edible has been on my face at one time or another ~ ha!

So, my daughter, the Scrub Queen, has taken over where I left off. She makes scrubs for everyone now. "Mom! Chelsy needs something for the bumps on her legs, I'm making a scrub!" Out comes the bags of organic raw turbinado sugar, organic poppy seeds, crushed black rice, virgin olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, all getting dumped helter skelter into small mason jars and flown off to someone in need. She's got everybody hooked. They'll ask her how she keeps her skin so silky smooth and clear, and she smiles and says, "Sugar," and their reply is, "I want some."

She makes special scrubs for her face, one for her arms and legs, and another for her back, bottom and tummy. She's turned scrub making into an art, and I have to admit, she's gotten pretty darned good at it.

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