Monday, August 03, 2009

*For the record, this is not about lovely Nicole. It's the result of hearing, for the third time in so many weeks, that another person I know and love is very close to shutting the door for good. Nicole is fighting hard and is rallying bit by bit, and she still needs all our love and support to get past this.

Life has a real sh*t way of reminding me to live. Every day. While I often sit here spewing snark and brimstone -- at everyone -- over stupid, silly, not important at all things like dirty dishes and missing bath towels, nasty ass people on the internet, stupid insecurities (which turn into snark/brimstone toward mankind), and all the other tiny, minuscule, not-moving-the-world-along complaints I have, someone is dying. They don't get a tomorrow.

They don't get to "get better" and ride the motorcycle that a bad back has kept them off of. They don't get that last camping trip, or the final family reunion -- at least not the happy kind. They don't get to see their dreams of France fulfilled; their opportunity to 'expand' their horizons has passed them by -- forever.

And the saddest, most heart-wrenching fact of all is that they are going to miss us. Oh, we'll miss them too, but think about it -- they will miss us, wherever they are. They will miss it all. The dirty dishes, the missing bath towels, the ass on the internet, their stupid insecurities -- though with their new-found perspective, they see all that sh*t for what it really is -- nothing.


  1. Well...yeah.

    I think I finally came to the realization that even without the Internet, I'd cycle through phases where it was all drama-rama. But now my drama-ramas get stored in digital - and now I'm maturing and finding ways to stash my crazy before I ever get to a forum or email list.

  2. Liz Zorn12:47 PM

    I don't know your friend Nicole personally and only in passing online through facebook etc. It is good what you are doing and I am happy to contribute. Will keep her in my prayers as well.
    Best, LZ

  3. thanks for the reminder to be grateful for what we got. (what i sometimes call "katrina perspective" after the hurricane)



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