Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yesterday my son played Warped Tour here in Fresno. His band was one of four chosen out of hundreds of local bands to play. The show was good, the day was miserable. I was going to take a bottle of frankincense hydrosol to spritz on us during the day -- it was a humid 103 degrees Fahrenheit here yesterday, and the city promoters chose the Save Mart Center's asphalt parking lot as the premium venue to hold this event -- dumb asses -- but I forgot it at home! My son was so excited, getting to play in front of a few dozen people (they were first to play and the gates had barely opened to allow the screaming masses in), he hopped, jumped, yelled, and sweated buckets, all the way to the emergency room, where they refilled him with two bags of fluid and a cup of antiemetic. Yeah, it was that fun.

Came home after making sure the kid was ok, jumped in the shower to rinse off the day, then sprayed Khamsa all over myself, head to toe, to cool down. Today I'm nursing a sunburn with shea butter (that after 30 spf sunscreen, a canopy and a doo-rag), rubbing my aching feet and praying that next year they don't get picked for Warped again!

Went to sleep with a bag of lavender -- as if I needed it.

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