Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beginning Soap Making

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my oldest grandchild, Sara, who turned 10 last September, and we made soap using the m&p soap making kit I gave her for Christmas. She was given free rein over the entire process, not that I had much of a choice. My part in all of this was strictly supervisorial, with a little soap making wisdom thrown in here and there. What she chose to make were, in my opinion, amazing considering her level of expertise -- the first batch she chose to use some of the mica coloring I had in my goody bag over the little sample included in her kit. She chose one fragrance, some fragrance oil stuff with "French" in the name, for her first batch and chose lavender mailette layered with badian for the second batch. The layers on the first batch were colored deep beige and pinkish, the second batch was white and purple/gray. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun, the entire process was completely stress free (we managed to slip in a batch of cupcakes while the soaps hardened in the mold) and we spent some quality family time together, something we rarely have the opportunity to do. One thing, though, her grandpa came into the room to check out how she was getting along and asked her, "Are you going to be a soap maker like your grandma when you grow up?" And she replied, "No, I'm going to be famous." I believe I have been dissed.

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