Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sachet in Which the Queen Packed Her Dresses

Kirsten Schilling, the creatrix of all things aromatic at Arabesque, is on a mission of recreating perfumes of the past, perfumes which tell tales of past lives, of queens and courtiers, of love and hope and expectations.

Sachet in Which the Queen Packed Her Dresses

There is a heavenly vintage, otherworldly fragrance wafting from the sachet. It gives the impression that it's very old, like something your great aunt Permalia received and coveted from her great aunt Ophelia, who received and coveted it from her grandmother Germania, who was gifted it by the King of Prussia. Or some such romantic notion. The scent is spicy sweet, slightly floral, and nostalgic. Kirsten developed the sachet contents from a recipe dated in the 1560's, one which the queen Isabel did indeed pack her dresses. It arrives tidily knitted up in heavily decorated brocade, a neat little package ready to slip in between the most delicate of lacy undergarments.

Serafina Eau de Parfum

Straight from the bottle, this parfum yelps bright florals and juicy citrus. Applied to the skin is another story altogether ~ Serafina becomes purely floral, twining jasmine kissing the delicate petals of gardenia, an Eden in the heaven of our hearts. There is a lush headiness in Serafina which prevents it from being too feminine, too "girlie", though not so heady that it becomes overwhelming and too grown up. The dry down is just as astonishing as the opening, keeping in tune with the theme of floral, the scent becomes a bit heavier, not headier, as if you'd tucked a gardenia in full bloom behind your ear and forgot about it until you caught of a whiff and thought, "Oh! That's me who smells so lovely!"

Find these and all the other deliciously scented parfums, oils and candles at Arabesque Aromas/Aromatics at Etsy.

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