Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Honey Bee Essential Oil Extractor

Okay, it's just a glass tube with nifty end stoppers, each with a hole in it, securely clamped with these -- clamp thingies -- to the glass rod. One opening is an innie, the other an outie (you'll recognize the innie end by its distinctive red corky nipple-- that's where the butane goes in), and the outie is just an opening on the other end of the extractor rod. It uses 50 pt micron screens at the outie end to prevent the butane from shooting raw material through the outie hole and into your extract. I no sooner had the packaging torn from this cool low tech apparatus when one of my older sons came traipsing in to try and lay a claim. No way, buddy. Not gonna happen. Tomorrow I'm planning to run a batch of ambrette seeds through -- I'll take pics (if I remember to) and post them here.

If this is something you're interested in fooling around with, you can make your own by googling 'honey extractor' for instructions, or search for them ready-made on ebay by searching 'butane extractor'. If all goes as planned, I may be stepping up to the bigger 200 gram stainless steel jobber within the year. If not, I'll happily extract small personal use aromatics with -- well, what shall we call it? Every odd object requires a special name, right? My distillation unit is named Albert, and my ultrasonic cleaner is named Sonya, so . . . what should I name the extractor?


  1. how cool! Let us know how it goes!!

  2. Olly short for Oliver?

  3. I like Olly! Coincidentally, when I read your name suggestion for the extractor I was getting ready to do more online research on olive oil and extract products. Perhaps it's a sign. Olly it is.

  4. Hi Olly , We are very honoured that you have the name we liked.



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