Sunday, December 04, 2011

Frankincense on My Mind -- and all over my hands!

During the move, lots of things got dumped. Nothing I'm going to sit around crying about, but enough to make note of it. For example, frankincense resin. The smaller chunks and frank-dust filled the plastic bin about halfway -- it ended up on its head and there I was scooping resin dust and pebbles off the bottom of the chest of curiosities and fabulous finds. So, obviously, it got me thinking about frankincense stuff. Y'know, soap and body butters, facial oils (because right about now I'm in desperate need of some skin toning unguents to tighten up my recently fat vacated neck and face). I just wish I had a bottle of carrot seed oil, that'd surely do the trick -- oh, and a bit o' frankincense too, methinks. So as a treat to myself, soon, perhaps even before the end of winter, I will make a batch of frankincense soap with pumpkin and carrot oils and simply soak in in it.

Also in the dump was a beautiful vintage bottle (the bottle's vintage, not the contents) of Indo vetyver (very lovely stinky stuff that makes my toes curl) -- I lost about half of the full contents, which, as fortune would have it, soaked into the nearly bare wood of my moisture-starved perfume hutch. Walking past the hutch is quite the toe tingling experience.

Well, I got a good start on the studio Saturday. I figured out where the furniture would go at least, and the books are in the shelves. As for the "goodies", they're still tightly locked in their boxes awaiting their debut. Did I say I also have a butler's pantry right next to the studio? Yes, I do, and that's where the fridge and tinctures reside, as well as spill-over eo's and whatnot.

I want a love that's on the square. Can't seem to find somebody, someone to care, And I'm on the lonely road that leads to nowhere I need a Sunday kind of love I do my Sunday dreaming, oh, yeah! And all my Sunday scheming Every minute, Every hour, Every day. All I'm hoping to discover a Certain kind of lover, Who will show me the way. In my arms need someone, Someone to hold, To keep me warm when my Lips grow cold. Love for all my life to have And to hold. All I want a Sunday Kind of love, Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah! I don't want a Monday, Tuesday, Uh, Wednesday, or Thursday, Friday, Or Saturday. Oh, nothing but Sunday Oh, yeah, yeah. I want a Sunday, Sunday I Want a Sunday kind of love. Oh, yeah, yeah. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday kind of love.

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