Monday, December 05, 2011

O, Happy Yule!

Whilst everyone about is scrambling to participate in such crazy and nonsensical antics as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I've taken the very shortest road and have put all my gifts on layaway -- in September. Except for a perfume purchase online here and there, there isn't much left to do but set up the tree (ooh, the ceilings are very high and afford space for a lovely tall tree for all the newest grandbabies to marvel), hang the door wreath, spike the nog and wrap the toys. Then begin on the food. I've gotten several requests already for the now popular Neroli Petitgrain Shortbread Cookies, as well as the Jasmine Green Tea Champagne Cupcakes. I'm also going to roll a few nuts in some patchouli sugar (no, not my mom or my crazy across the street neighbor! ~ though both could do with a bit of sweetening).

I've been poking around with a bunch of new perfumes I received -- some stuff from Soivohle and a shop on Etsy called AoStudio9 that makes lovely body sprays. No, they're not all natural but contain a goodly amount of the stuff and they smell remarkable. I must say, my daughter was quite taken with Liz's gorgeous Ankara, and the floral beauty Jasmine Summer. I'm kind'a digging them all, actually, having been a bit 'fume starved the last few months.

Here's to a happy Yule season. May all your wishes and dreams come true.

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