Saturday, December 03, 2011

I'm Baaaaaack!

Yes, I'm back. And what a mess I've found! Regardless, it was a great break, even though the events that lead up to the break were both traumatic and life altering. It's not worth getting into the details. Suffice it to say, I am a bit less encumbered by outside sources of stress and am free to make some decisions for which I am 100% responsible.

I am in the process of rebuilding my perfumery in a new location. Where I currently reside offers me the opportunity to teach small groups of interested parties in the art and splendor of Natural Botanical Perfumery -- and bellydance ~ ha! I will post photos of the new studio as soon as I am able. In the meantime, enjoy these hideous post apocalyptic perfume studio photos . . .

I currently live just a few minutes from my J O B -- here's to jobs that pay the rent (on time)! Since I am turning a new page in my life, I decided to go all the way -- my new mode of transportation to work is a Schwinn. Hurrah for decreased belly fat! Yippee for stamina! Boo for hypothermia in the mornings!

Right now, life is pretty okay. Well, more than okay. I am so anxious to get back to the business of perfumery. I've made a few discoveries and can't wait to implement them into the course curriculum at NNAPA. Here's to life!


  1. Yeay!! Welcome back lovely lady! I was trolling through blogs yesterday wondering when you'd be back! :-)

    Hope all is well and look forward to chatting with you soon.

    Big hugs
    Holly xoxo

  2. welcome back honey!! The place looks magical! The bottles not the boxes:);))

  3. Everything is well and I'm very happy to be back.

    And yes, there is a little magic in this place -- it seems a good luck charm for most people who live here. Let's hope there's enough left for me :)


  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Nice to see you - and I found out what a Schwinn is too!

    Good luck with everything you've got going on.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  5. We missed you!!! :)



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