Friday, December 09, 2011


John Mayer suggested I stop being my normal sarcastic self and just say "hello", something about sincerity . . .

Anyway! The studio is still days away from completion. Just over half the boxes have been emptied and the spaces within the room are pretty close to capacity. And my chair "got" broke. Yep. My antique blending bench chair that was discovered on the side of the road was the sore victim of chair abuse. Y'know how you tell your kids not to lean back in kitchen and lawn chairs because, you say, they'll fall back and break their heads, but what you're really worried about is your poor chair getting a broken leg and back? Yes, that action. Well, I must not have told the kids' friends' friends not to do that in my chair because -- well, you connect the dots here. So I'm chairless and 'working the bench' from under the bench, on the floor.

I have been using some pretty spectacular perfumes lately, my friends. You must go over to Liz Zorn's studio Soivohle for samples or bottles of Jasmine Summer, Queen City Rain, and the must-have, Vanille OTR -- I'm not a big fan of vanilla perfumes, but this one is different. Not a sweet, syrupy concoction, but a sophisticated spicy green perfume with low vanilla backnotes and tenacity for days. Reminds me just a bit of Chanel No.19. It's not an all natural perfume but it is worth checking out if you're of the all natural bent.

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