Friday, December 30, 2011

Update on the Quickie ~

I have dodged a bullet ~ it appears the imminent homelessness of a family member wasn't so dire a prediction after all. A reprieve has been offered and accepted, so I get to keep the studio!

Now for deadlines. I have been very lax with readying the studio for students, but since we've just emerged from the holiday season, I give myself a reprieve as well. Yes, with the holidays, the move, the upheavals, the emotional blackmail -- wait! Did I just say that? Yes, I did. The emotional blackmail. Y' know, that stuff there can paralyze a person. It's toxic to the enjoyment and progression of happiness. I fight very hard to reject the doom and gloom of someone else's lack of emotional balance, and it's exhausting! So whenever I see it coming 'round the bend, I take a different path -- cross to the other side of the street, so to speak. Oh, yes, I was discussing deadlines . . . I need to set a few. This studio isn't going to get prepped for public consumption until I set a deadline for its debut, so I think a tentative 'open house' will be set for February 11, 2012, a Saturday (all day), well past the hustle and bustle of winter holidays and just in time to interest people in love potions for St. Valentine's Day.

In readying the studio, I've decided to make use of a few things I've found scattered about this old house, such as the original wood doors with crystal doorknobs . . . yes, those are to be repurposed and built into a new, fabulous modesty screen -- hinge three together and voila! A custom antique modesty screen, which will do a fair job of hiding the back end of the computer desk and all its vital wirings. Can't have dangling wires around here since there are babies crawling about.

Oh, and I'm taking French lessons. Finally.

So! Mark your calendars for February 11, 2012 for the . . . well, I haven't made up a title for the event yet, but I will soon. Perhaps you can help?

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