Sunday, July 22, 2012

Laying the Golden Kyphi to Rest

The Golden Kyphi project is nearing its end for me, but in a sense, it will never be over. All aspects of the incense have been added and charged, the grains loosely wrapped in unbleached parchment paper and tied with cotton string. September 8th is the date of it's debut as it will have spent nearly two months drying and curing and becoming. The project was a real eye-opener, and a treat, for me as a perfumer. It has literally been years since I was afforded the time and headspace to formulate to my heart's content. Aside from Lylli Bleu, all previous projects were created within limited time frames, hurried, rushed, and perhaps somewhat tainted by my feelings of being hurried and rushed, and most notably by the overriding feeling of negativity that once prevailed. In a sense, this is a confessional post, and the Golden Kyphi represents the the release of pent up everything that I've been subjected to over the past 20-odd years. Without being too detailed, thus coloring my perfumer-as-goddess reputation (I'm poking fun here in case you were wondering if I actually believe that), I will say that the past 10 months have been the most cathartic since I was in my 20s, freeing my mind and heart in ways I never thought possible. I am still a bit entangled, but the threat (and it does feel like a threat) isn't imminent, and I have developed tools with which to thwart any future 'attacks' by having been allowed to be me, finally, for nearly a year. I wouldn't be far off the mark if I were to say that I am empathic, absorbing feelings of elation and discontent as if I were a sea sponge and emotions were water. My spongey self was full and dripping with unhappiness for all this time (where was the flippin' elation?!) -- feelings that I didn't create! This is my toxic people story, and my journey of escape from them. As I mentioned earlier, without going into too much detail, I was in a very, very bad emotional place for a very, very long time. Now I am free, and so I feel that working the Golden Kyphi in the manner I did, basically allowing it to strip the residual hurt away, infused the incense with the ability to do so for others. Are you following my train of thought, or did I just go off the rails? The Golden Kyphi is a banishing incense, a forceful bit of magic that rids space (headspace, house space, inner space, outer space) of the darkness, like the sun shining through the parting clouds after a hateful thunderous storm. Besides all that, it smells wicked awesome.



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