Monday, July 30, 2012

Studio Revamping & Weekend Gets

First I want to apologize for not posting the super wonderful post about the Fragrance Salon in San Francisco that I promised to post -- when I was ready to post, we had a few technical difficulties around here which prevented the post from occurring, then I just got frustrated and trash canned the whole idea. But I will say just a couple of things about it that may be of interest to you. One, it was fabulous and should occur annually in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and two, one of the event planners (a gentleman whose name escapes me now) and I were standing near the entrance to the event taking photographs together when he turned and said to me, "I never imagined it would be like this." I asked, "What do you mean?" "That it would be this big, this exciting," he answered. I gave him a knowing look and said, "I did," which got me a look that implied he thought I was crazy, then I went on to explain that he clearly didn't understand the fragrance community, and that some would crawl through broken Brosse bottles to participate and/or attend a gathering like this. And three, it was fabulous. Oh, already said that.

This past weekend was a doozy! I didn't get any formulating done, but I did manage to acquire a few things to vamp up the studio, and I had my cards read, and I think I might have made a deal for a car, and I got some serious inquiries about future in-person perfume classes. First, the furniture for the studio: I bartered my time for a gorgeous vintage 6-drawer chest of drawers, painted purple (which suits, I'm a purpleholic big time), and a 3-piece antique wire lawn furniture set, which will never see the light of bright sunlight as the ghouls in the 'hood will immediately see the resale potential and swipe the furniture off my porch or out of my yard, either front or back, without batting a dreadlocked eyelash. So I'm cleaning the lawn set up a bit and making cushions for the seats as sitting on wire is not the most comfortable thing to do in the world, and I can only imagine the bizarre patterns that are being pressed into my bum when I do so. The furniture will be used in the studio as well.

A car. I think I a car was thrown into this deal, but I won't be certain until I'm driving it down the street. We shall see. But what a boon! Oh, and I had my cards read and pretty much everything I was told was either something that already happened, or something that I was working out for future, and the car was mentioned in the cards as well and I was told that the acquisition would be unexpected and unconventional, etcetera, but that I had to accept as it was the universe 'giving' me what I've been asking for, and no joke, less than 20 minutes later, a car was mentioned by someone else and the next thing I knew, it was mine!

I feel tremendously blessed.

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