Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Resins On a Full Moon

Have you ever had one of those moments where something you smelled or saw or heard or tasted touched a part of you so deep inside it brought tears to your eyes and sent a surge of adrenalin through your body that it left you dumbstruck? I just had one of those moments while adding the resin oils to the golden kyphi. Earlier this morning I finished up adding the last of the dry powdered herbs, and this evening, while the fireworks raged and the moon shone with her fine spidery webs of silver light, I added the resin oils, then mixed them into the kyphi by hand. The entire house is saturated with the scent of the golden kyphi, and my hand smells as if it's touched the tears of the gods (a bit melodramatic, yes, but you haven't smelled my hand, have you?)

Under the filigree light of the full glowing moon, the golden kyphi accepted the oils of olibanum -- serratas and carterris and sacras, which included a vintage luban -- the oils of myrrh, a vintage styrax resin from Givaudan, and a gorgeous Spanish labdanum.

I also added a few drops of moon magic. 

I may never wash my hand again.


  1. When will this be in your shop?

    1. Probably not until September or October. I have to finish adding the remaining oils, then allow the kyphi to cure and dry for a few weeks. It's a long process, but I want to make sure it does just what I've asked it to. I will announce when it goes into the shop.



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