Thursday, May 02, 2013

Day 89 ~ May Day Blessings ~ Aghori by Smells & Bells

So yesterday was May Day and nothing was planned in celebration here at the Djinn studio because the ceremonial stuff had occurred the day before, as the clock ticked toward the May. A nice bit of affirmation, some arts and crafts, a delicious meal, and a leisurely discussion 'round the bonfire that went into the night. Much nicer than last year's May celebration when I bought and prepared the May feast, set up the garden with firelight and bells, and invited the Cavedwellers up for a bit of fresh air and a nibble -- they came, they saw, they ate it all, then promptly stomped down into the cellar, leaving me to finish with the clean-up -- alone. Merry May, I said, and in return I got a cross-eyed sneer. Some people just don't acknowledge, or even know, how precious every day we have here is.

Anyway, since this year's festivities were done and done on May in the waning hours of April, I decided I'd celebrate with scent (duh, right?) -- and for this year's May Day scentilicious selection I chose Aghori by Smells & Bells, a natural perfume company based in San Francisco, California. I received samples (boy did I receive samples) of perfumes from many perfumers while attending the SF Fragrance Salon in March, and amongst them were the samples from Smells & Bells. I chose Aghori because it embraced this feeling of everythingness (not a word, I know) and cohesiveness, compatibility with the environment, taking elements from air and earth and making them one. What am I going on about, you're probably wondering? Well, this wonderful perfume, of course!

Aghori is deep. Transcendent. I wore it all day yesterday until I came home and rubbed on a bit of my own Moss & Violets solid perfume just before bed. There were moments during the day when I'd catch this gorgeous earthy vetyver and honey-like scent wafting on the air, and I would smile. I do so adore a nice vetyver. Aghori opens with bright honied citrus notes with a spicy edge, quite diffusive for a natural -- it just jumps off the skin into the air creating this lovely halo of airy spiciness with a hint of darkness, and it lasts -- the citrus doesn't spring out and disappear within minutes -- it hangs around, floating a bit, crystalline rays of sweet sunshine (air) and warmth. Then slowly, and I do mean slowly, it deepens, more of the darkness (earth) rises with creamy notes of santal and a nice, smooth vetyver. There are no jagged edges in this perfume, it is seamless and perfect. And it sticks. I detected a hint of vetyver well into the evening, hours after I last applied the perfume. I would say this perfume is a unisex number, in spite of the healthy dose of jasmine in there -- it's not an overtly sweet, heady jasmine, and there's just enough to floralize the perfume, but not so much to turn it girly.

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